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On Sunday 18th October our Operations Director David Helcoop and his wife Louise successfully completed the Exeter's Great West Run in 2 hours 19 minutes and 52 seconds with Louise beating her personal best by almost 27 minutes!

David and Louise have run a number of marathons over the years and decided to take part in this one when a work colleague of David's suffered a stroke. At the time he had no idea our 47 year old colleague was having a stroke, infact we all thought he had fainted. It was only when David was driving the colleague home did he think again and detoured to the hospital.

As they arrived in the A&E department his colleague experienced a very obvious stroke and was promptly dealt with by the professionals. Having witnessed this traumatic incident the decision was made to raise funds for the Stroke Association. David said the aim was to raise money for this great charity, and also raise awareness of this potentially life-changing condition at the same time. Although stroke is one of the UK's biggest killers and leading cause of adult disability, many people don't understand it or ever think it could happen to them. We're all certainly far better informed at work now and would respond differently in future.

David and Louise would like to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored them - it's still not too late to donate, please click on the link -

Particular thanks go to:

Andy, Bryen, Jane and all the team at Warren -

All the team at Paragon Inks -

Mark McKee and all the team at JFM Offset Plates -

And thanks also to: Penny Steadman & George Asser.

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